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Ipswich is one of the Ulysses Club's newest branches.

We welcome all new members and visitors who are 40 years old and over to join with us in our love of motorcycles, companionship and social events.

Make yourself known at our information nights and join with us in rides around Southern  Queensland and Northern NSW sunny corner.

Ipswich is an urban centre in South-East Queensland,Australia. Along the Bremer River Valley, it is approximately 40 km west of the Brisbane CBD with an estimated population of 180,000 expected to grow to 435,000 in 2031.

Once a large city of its own, today is has become subsumed into the Brisbane metropolitan area due to urban sprawl and is a part of Brisbane for statistical purposes. It is a major commercial and industrial area that is currently undergoing major  urban renewal.

It began as a mining settlement and was proclaimed as a municipality on 2 March 1860, and became a city in 1904.

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